Victoria Chadwick
Marketing Executive
4 Challenges to take on for Lent
4 Challenges to take on for Lent

Pancake Day, also known as Shrove Tuesday, is just around the corner, landing on the 28th of February this year! Up there as one of our favourite holidays, we love all kinds of pancakes, from the traditional lemon and sugar to Nutella or fresh fruit, even savoury options (have you ever tried a cheese and bacon stuffed pancake… *drools*) but once the whiff of pancakes has settled and our bellies are sufficiently stuffed, our minds turn to Lent.

Lent marks the period of fasting which lasts 40 days leading up to Easter Sunday. During this time, many people choose to give up different foods or activities, such as sweets or spending time on social media.

Many members of the Jupix letting and estate agent software team have opted to take part in Lent this year and give up some of their favourite things such as chocolate, takeaways and even tea and coffee! However, not everyone was so keen to give up their favourite treat and this got us thinking, why just give something up, why not take on a challenge instead?

So we’ve decided to put together some challenges for our Jupix agents this Lent, let us know if you decide to take one (or all) of them up:

Get feedback from your customers

It’s great to get feedback from your customers, it not only helps you grow your business and work on any areas that might need improving but if it’s good feedback, it can also be used as a powerful testimonial.

Return all your phone calls

Every agent knows how important great customer service is. Returning all phone calls quickly can help make you stand out from other agents, as well as increasing your leads and improving your customer service.

Train your staff

Trained staff will pay off long-term as they will be able to take on new tasks, provide better service and become more competent in their role. It will also improve your office environment, as your staff will feel valued and happy.

Feel like you or your staff would benefit from a refresher course in your Jupix software? We offer both online and offline training, find out more here.

Get organised

Out of control snack draw, paper tray stuffed full and cabinets piled high with leaflets and marketing materials – we’ve all been there and it can have an effect on your work life and productivity. Being organised means being more time efficient, as you won’t waste time searching for lost files or documents.

So this Lent, why not take up one of our challenges and don’t forget to let us know how you get on, on Twitter @Jupix

Date Posted: 23rd February 2017

Victoria Chadwick
Marketing Executive