Did you know that May is officially photography month! Designed to inspire the next generation of budding photographers.

With digital cameras, instant printing and powerful software, photography is now widely available to everyone. Some smartphones even have greater quality cameras compared to some traditional commercial cameras. Which means there’s no excuse for not taking advantage of all of this technology and producing your own beautiful photos.

There’s no arguing just how important photographs are in the property market, they could literally be the difference between someone viewing a property or dismissing it. Just adding a small selection of pictures to your property listing could generate up to 50% more interest.

So with that in mind, here are our top tips on creating beautiful property images:

Tidy up
This might sound obvious but make sure any clutter, such as utensils and pet items like dog bowls, are cleared away. It will make the room look larger and put the focus on the space itself.

If you’re photographing the properties exterior, make sure you hide wheelie bins and ask your clients to move their cars if possible.

Lighting is key to creating a great photo. If its gloomy outside make sure you turn the lights on, this will give the property a warm homely feel.

Avoid wonky shots
Try using a spirit level to ensure your camera is perfectly angled in each room, to prevent your pictures looking wonky.

Final touches
Once you’ve got your photos, it’s a good idea to give them a final touch up. We’re partnered with Ravensworth, who offer a photo fix-up service that includes adding blue skies, brightening colours and even removing objects.

Great looking photos don’t just help you achieve more interest online, they can also help improve your property brochures and window displays. So why not give it a go and discover the benefits of great property marketing through Jupix.