Victoria Chadwick
Marketing Executive
2017: The year of PropTech

In today’s digital age, consumer’s everyday lives and their digital lives are now wholly intertwined. Meals out involve taking a snap shot of your food to share online, selfie sticks are as much a holiday essential as sun tan cream and almost every shopping trip involves some form of self-serve machine.

Not for me, I’ve never used a selfie stick in my life’ you might be thinking, but take a look around you and you’ll see just how digital the world has become.

Even if you aren’t a huge tech fan, the likelihood is you probably have at least one social media account and now do a percentage of your shopping online. Even yours truly, Jupix estate agency software can be found online. That’s because we love simplicity. We are a nation of consumers who want our questions and needs met instantly, why bother with long phone calls to catch up with friends, when you can simply check Facebook. Desperately need a new outfit for a last minute work event, in one click you could have what you need, at your door, within 24-hours – or in some cases that very same day!!

This instant access has led to a generation of consumers who aren’t willing to wait for what they want, even if that means going somewhere else to get it.

By 2018, 8 in 10 email users will likely access their email accounts exclusively from their mobile devices – emailmonday

So what are these customers demanding from you?

As we’ve already mentioned, consumers want access to everything they need at a time that suits them but this can be difficult when your office is only open during certain hours. In a survey of 2,000 adults in the UK, done by Global NoticeBoard, 18% said that getting hold of estate agents when they needed to was one of their biggest frustrations. People looking to rent or buy properties expect to get information quickly and the challenge for agents lies in how to meet that need.

However, it’s not just 24-hour services that customers are demanding, it’s also accurate, transparent information. Thinking back to 10 years ago, if a customer wanted information from a business, they had to wait till it was open and then make contact, usually by walking into the office/store. Now technology has placed power into the consumer’s hands, rather than waiting for information, they can search for it online and find everything from advice blogs to reviews, meaning they are now much more informed than ever before.

By 2017, there will be more internet traffic than all prior internet years combined

As part of ZPG, we are working hard to provide agents with the tools to meet these new customer demands. We are focused on continuously innovating to improve our products and services, and with ZPG, offer a one-stop shop for agents to market, manage and maximise their business.

Our most recent release, My Property File is already transforming the way agents communicate with their vendors, tenants and landlords and providing them with a tool that can take their agency hybrid, with 24-hour services. My Property File offers an online login system to vendors and landlords, allowing them access to all of the information they need, when they need it, as well as providing tenants with both an online login system and maintenance reporting app. Since its launch we’ve introduced many new features, including messaging, which allows tenants to send you messages through Property File – meaning quicker answers for them and less phone calls for you!

It’s not just communication that we are focusing on though.  MoveIT, the useful home-moving price-comparison tool, also provides agents with another tool to meet consumer demand and boost their agencies bottom line profits at the same time. It allows agents to offer their customers an improved home-moving experience, going beyond traditional agency services, by allowing them to provide quotes for conveyancing, financial services and utility switching (which is powered by uSwitch, the UK’s number one price comparison site for energy switching) to their home-movers. Giving consumers more information and choice on their move.

If you haven’t already discovered the benefits of these fantastic products and would like to find out more, call 08000 75 87 49 or email, MoveIT: or My Property File:

Date Posted: 10th February 2017

Victoria Chadwick
Marketing Executive