The digital world is well and truly upon us, and we have two options: try to avoid it, or embrace it.

Here at Jupix, proudly part of the Property Software Group, we have chosen to embrace change.

As a nation, we love technology. From smartphones to tablets, we can access everything we need, from wherever we are. From ordering car transport through Uber, to ordering food from Just Eat, online shopping, social networking, watching TV and even buying a house. The internet has allowed the UK to enter into a 24-hour culture with access to everything we need at our fingertips.

Consumers have embraced the emergence of technology, so what are you going to do? Leave it to the experts, or let the experts propel you ahead of competition?

The benefits of taking your agency hybrid

You don’t have to be an expert in progressive technology to know how to deliver the needs of vendors, buyers, landlords and tenants. Instead, you can let the experts at Jupix and My Property File connect you with future clients.

Jupix is one of the leading cloud-based estate agency software platforms in the UK, giving you complete flexibility with access to everything your agency needs, whenever your agency needs it. Combine that with the unbeatable power of My Property File, and watch as your agency excels in property and technology.

There are many, many benefits in taking your agency hybrid through Jupix and My Property File including:

  • Seamless integration between your property software and My Property File, keeping you consistently in the know
  • Save time as your tenants, landlords and vendors have direct access to all of the information they need from gas safety certificates, tenancy information, invoices, property marketing statistics, all at their fingertips
  • Cut down on phone calls as the My Property File App takes over. Tenants can report, photograph and send maintenance issues directly from their phone, which is then in turn instantly uploaded through My Property File into your software
  • Stay in contact with tenants, landlords and vendors through My Property File whenever, wherever
  • And it’s all part of your monthly software subscription

The future of hybrid property agents is now, and it is continually developing.

Rather than leaving it to the experts, why not allow the Property Software Group, together with Jupix and My Property File give you the platform to compete in today’s ever-changing market.

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