Cloud Software is a phrase we are becoming increasingly accustomed to. From Facebook to Hotmail, Gmail and Jupix, we all increasingly rely upon instant access to information; when we need it, wherever we are.

As Cloud property software providers, Jupix has taken away the need for agents to rely on downloading software, waiting for new software updates to be installed and being tied to a desk to input information. Cloud-based software has significantly opened up the horizon, allowing agents to work in the same fast-paced way that their industry moves.

left-quote When we were initially looking for estate agency software we spoke to a number of different providers about the criteria that needed to be met; compatible with both PCs and Mac, cloud based and reasonably priced. We then came across Jupix and have been delighted with the product ever since. The service, if there is ever a problem or query, is second to none. right-quote
- Rachael Hodnett, Pyne & Lyon
  • Enjoy the benefits of using the most up-to-date property software as you instantly have access to all of the latest releases and upgrades within Jupix

  • No management or technical know-how required. Once you’ve been trained on the processes within Jupix you’ll be up-and-running

  • Access Jupix wherever you are, all you need is internet connection

  • Connecting departments from field-agents to office staff; you will all have access to the same real-time information, encouraging and enabling cross-office collaboration

  • No need to invest in any additional hardware

  • An all-in-one platform of data management, property marketing and property management all under one roof

  • Reduce your start-up costs and reduce your asset liability

  • Feel reassured by the fact that your data is safe and regularly backed-up in multiple locations

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